Super easy preparation of Dum Aloo, requiring almost no prep, has 3 main ingredients
Red chillies


Mustard oil (to shallow fry, if you have an air fryer feel free to use that)

8-9 Potatoes- par boiled or 20-25 baby potatoes

Whole spices (I used cinnamon, black pepper and cardamom)

Heeng (1 pinch) – red chilli powder ( 1 tablespoon mixed with water to make a paste)

Curd (1 cup whisked to a smooth consistency)

Fennel powder (1 teaspoon) – salt to taste


  1. Start by heating oil in a pan
  2. Along side, split your boiled potatoes into half if using regular potatoes and poke holes in them
  3. Fry the potatoes till golden brown on one side and remove from pan
  4. Drain the oil into a container to use later, reserve one tablespoon in pan 5. Add your whole spices
  5. Add the heeng
  6. Carefully add your red chilli paste
  7. Stir in and add your fennel powder
  8. Add your yogurt (Tip- bring yogurt to room temp before adding to avoid splitting)
  9. Add yogurt and mix, then add your potatoes, stock/water with salt.
  10. Tightly seal the pan with a lid.
  11. Stir and serve!

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